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Ashwin Vangipuram
4:25 PM
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Marie Chu
Jan 12, 3:02 PM
I was wondering how I add myself to the queue?
Krishnan Srinivasan
Jan 18, 12:34 PM
Sorry for the late response, but you can add yourself to the queue during office hours (when the queue is "Open")
Fauzan Reza Maulana
Jan 18, 1:26 PM
Is there office hours right now with Krishnan?
Fuhu Xiao
Jan 18, 3:10 PM
I've added myself to the queue. Should I the go to Nooks and wait to be added to a video call?
Yan Wang
Jan 18, 3:14 PM
Sorry I was answering a question in person. I'll be on Nooks soon.
Ashish Jain
Jan 18, 3:39 PM
Is Prof. Bohg's office hours still happening? It's showing she will let you in for several minutes now.
Yan Wang
Jan 18, 3:46 PM
I believe it's happening. Maybe there are a couple of people waiting in line or going to her office hour in person. You can join the Nooks if you have any questions that I can answer.
Ashish Jain
Jan 18, 3:46 PM
Understood. I rejoined the meeting. Same result.
Priscilla Zhao
Jan 24, 6:59 PM
do we have a zoom link for oh
Ziang Liu
Jan 24, 7:08 PM
We are on Nooks!
Priscilla Zhao
Jan 24, 7:10 PM
Ashish Jain
Jan 27, 1:28 PM
Are there any open queues right now? I see queues as closed.
Fuhu Xiao
Feb 6, 2:20 PM
OH right now?
Ziang Liu
Feb 6, 3:43 PM
I will get to the queue ASAP!
Matthildur Arnadottir
Feb 7, 6:39 PM
Is there OH today?
Charles Lin
Feb 7, 7:24 PM
Fauzan Reza Maulana
Feb 22, 1:26 PM
Krishnan did your connection cut off?
Maria Angelika-Nikita
Feb 27, 2:04 PM
Are there office hours today>
Ziang Liu
Feb 27, 2:07 PM
Yes, in-person in Gates 104