Queueing made easy

QueueStatus is an online queue management system that organizes and simplifies waiting lines.

The Problems with Manual Queue Management
X People always need to be physically present to monitor their place in the queue
X It is difficult for people to determine how soon they can expect to be helped
X Repeated requests from many people in the queue
X Difficult to efficiently track usage information when the queue is managed manually
Online Queue Management with QueueStatus
Check People can sign-up online and watch their position in the queue from any web-enabled device
Check Estimated wait times are calculated for each person based on how fast the queue is currently moving
Check Group service feature allows queue administrators to identify common requests
Check Queue usage data is continually tracked and available for analysis in order to better distribute queue administrator schedules and improve the queueing experience

The QueueStatus Process

Step 1
Example queue Create an online queue. Configure access permissions and queue sign-up options
Step 2
People join the queue via a customizable queue sign-up form
Step 3
Est wait
People in the queue see their estimated time to service while they wait for help
Step 4
View key queue statistics to improve queue management and performance

Detailed Feature List

Analytics Statistics
View usage statistics for your queue. See sign-up and service frequency, as well as average wait times throughout previous hours of operation

Mobile3 QueueStatus Mobile
Mobile app allows users to view, control, and interact with queues while on-the-go from any web-enabled mobile device

Group Groups
Queue administrators can identify and bulk process queue entries with similar requests
Announcement Announcements
Enhance communication by broadcasting queue announecements from a single platform to everyone following the queue