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Yilong Li
Jan 21, 3:32 PM
Hi Claire, are you on talky?
Yilong Li
Jan 21, 3:33 PM
are you an SCPD student?
Claire Mai
Jan 21, 3:44 PM
Hi Yilong, no I'm in Gates 2B systems lounge I think.
Yilong Li
Jan 21, 3:46 PM
Hi Claire, I don't see you at Gates 2B systems lounge?
Priscilla Lui
Jan 21, 5:05 PM
i am in the right nook of lathrop learning up
Priscilla Lui
Jan 21, 5:05 PM
Matthew Trost
Jan 21, 5:05 PM
I am close to all the exercise balls in lathrop learning hub
Sarah Tollman
Jan 21, 5:25 PM
Anika, where are you sitting, or are you SCPD?
Salman salmanm
Jan 21, 5:53 PM
Hey, someone joined the talky and left
Sarah Tollman
Jan 21, 6:17 PM
Julius, are you SCPD?
Collin Lee
Jan 22, 10:32 AM
Salman, are you SCPD?
Sarah Tollman
Jan 28, 5:05 PM
Jerry, what do you mean by 'left nook'? I called for you but got no response
Jerry Chen
Jan 28, 5:05 PM
to the right of the tech desk
Yilong Li
Feb 4, 3:04 PM
Hi Mathew, are you SCPD?