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Ryan Walter
3:59 PM
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Server: Lisa Yan
Brynne Hurst
534 days, 12 hours, 43 mins ago

Hello everyone! From now on, we'll ask that you join a public Nooks room prior to entering the queue. If you aren't, we'll ask you to hop onto a room. If we feel that your problem requires looking at code, then we'll move you to a private room!
Lisa Yan
553 days, 12 hours, 10 mins ago

Starting with assign3, you are required to fill out both QueueStatus questions for debugging help during helper hours. We may ask you to re-sign up on the queue if you don't provide enough information.
Lisa Yan
553 days, 12 hours, 10 mins ago

If you are eager to sign up for Helper Hours as soon as they open, we recommend preparing responses ahead of time to the questions: "What question do you have? Please provide as much information as possible." and "What steps have you already taken to try and answer your question? (e.g. running gdb/valgrind, reading Resources page, etc.). This information is required for help with debugging questions."
Lisa Yan
576 days, 8 hours, 37 mins ago

Welcome to TA-led Helper Hours! Sign up on the queue, and then head to a Nooks room that best matches your question to chat with other students. When it is your turn in the queue, a TA will join the room and either address the group or pull you into a 1:1 room. Join CS107 Nooks:
Brynne Hurst
Mar 19, 3:31 PM
Sorry everyone, the queue was accidentally cleared! Please sign up again and we'll get to you in a few minutes.