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Jacky Lin
8:53 PM
10:05 PM

Server: Erik Jones
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Mina Mahmood
Oct 4, 4:16 PM
i have to head out at 4:50, would love to be helped before then:)
Abidemi Adebayo
Oct 7, 9:09 AM
David Lin
Oct 7, 7:31 PM
I will not be using the queue anymore
David Lin
Oct 7, 7:31 PM
The general office hours will be hostd by the technical communication office
David Lin
Oct 7, 7:31 PM
until 8
Ruth-Ann Armstrong
Oct 14, 4:13 PM
May be hard to find me- I'm by the red couches towards further on the inside of Huang
Ruth-Ann Armstrong
Oct 24, 1:39 PM
Hi-- did I get skipped?
Tiffany Ong
Oct 28, 1:55 PM
Hi, I am by the bathrooms!
Gabby Wright
Oct 28, 3:40 PM
I don't know how this thing works from one office hours to the next, but I won't be at the 4:00 OH, so please skip me. Thanks.
David Lin
Oct 28, 5:44 PM
WE'll be discussing the homework by the whiteboard!
Ruth-Ann Armstrong
Nov 3, 11:57 AM
Hi, I'm going to come in a bit- you can serve others in the meantime!
Erik Jones
Nov 3, 11:59 AM
Ok perfect, can you enter your name again when you're here?
Ruth-Ann Armstrong
Nov 3, 12:04 PM
Karey Shi
Nov 4, 1:37 PM
shondace & mina, if you want to join me by the 161 table (by the doors) that would probably be most efficient!
David Lin
Nov 4, 4:24 PM
sorry accidentally closed the queue! feel free to sign up now
Prasanna Ramakrishnan
Dec 1, 1:42 PM
we are going to have a group conversation on problem 1 now if anyone is interested!
Havin Hosgur
Dec 2, 11:47 AM
hello Jan where are you sitting?
Karey Shi
Dec 2, 1:22 PM
I am holding group OH by the ICME side of Huang basement!! Will return to help people individually after.
David Lin
Dec 2, 7:28 PM
im gonna leave in 10 minutes, come to the whiteboard if you have any last minute questions!
Karey Shi
Dec 11, 3:24 PM
jason, if you're still around i'll be here until 4
Mina Mahmood
Dec 11, 8:27 PM
i'll be there in 5 min, feel free to skip+come back me if needed!
Mina Mahmood
Dec 11, 8:50 PM
i'm here, table closest to bathrooms:)