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Emma Escandon
101 days, 10 hours, 20 mins ago

Welcome to CS111 Helper Hours! We are here to help answer questions you have about the assignments, lectures, sections, and more. If the queue is extremely long, we may close the queue before the helper hours session ends, and we limit the time we can spend with each student to 15 minutes ensure each student can be helped. When it is your turn, we will come to you using the location you include in your signup (for in-person signups, the table map is here:; if we are unable to find you, we will post a message in the chat below to ask where you are located. If we cannot find you within 5 minutes we'll need to move on to help the next person in the queue.
Emma Escandon
Jun 11, 11:56 AM
Hi everyone! We are at Table 4 today from 12-1. Due to finals and project deadlines, we will have to leave promptly at 1, thank you for your understanding :)
Yifei Wang
Jun 11, 2:31 PM
Do we have help hour from 2:30 - 3:30 pm today?
Yifei Wang
Jun 11, 2:48 PM
(Let me know when it is my turn... I will join the zoom link virtually)
Yash Govil
Jun 11, 3:40 PM
Hi Yifei! Do you have a zoom link already?
Yash Govil
Jun 11, 3:43 PM
Sorry we didn't check the queuestatus since there were so few people today
Yifei Wang
Jun 11, 3:44 PM
No. I don't have a zoom link
Yifei Wang
Jun 11, 3:45 PM
Yifei Wang
Jun 11, 3:46 PM
Does this zoom link work?