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Sunwoo Kang
2:47 PM
4:15 PM

Server: Vishesh G
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Todd Macdonald
Dec 7, 11:14 AM
Gao, let me know if you are still in Huang
Gao Xian Peh
Dec 7, 11:40 AM
I'm no longer in Huang, thank you nonetheless!
Gao Xian Peh
Dec 7, 12:36 PM
I'm back at Huang!
Vishesh G
Dec 7, 1:54 PM
@gao if you're still here i'm free to help now
Vishesh G
Dec 7, 2:39 PM
@liang i'm in the same place
Sunwoo Kang
Dec 7, 2:49 PM
are you still here?