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Brandon Kim
5:13 PM
5:40 PM

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Kayla Patterson
Mar 11, 4:01 PM
Hi Manat, have you joined the zoom?
Kayla Patterson
Mar 11, 4:47 PM
Hello everyone! Incase you haven't see my ed post, I will be ending my OH at 5pm today. I will be extending my OH on Friday to make up for the extra hour I miss today.
Thomas Mayer
Mar 11, 7:04 PM
Hi Wyatt, could you join the Zoom?
Robert Igbokwe
Mar 12, 9:42 AM
I totally get it if there's just a long wait, but I've been waiting for about 40 minutes now and I was the 3 person in the queue. Is there any update on when I can receive help?
Paris Zhang
Mar 12, 10:02 AM
Hi Manat, could you join my zoom link?
Paris Zhang
Mar 12, 10:04 AM
Hi Robert, could you join my zoom link?
Amol Singh
Mar 12, 10:21 AM
Hi Robert. We had several students that joined the zoom ahead of you that were not in the queue status who I had addressed first. Apologies for the long wait- will try to make it faster.
Amol Singh
Mar 12, 10:21 AM
Hi Juan. Can you join my queue?
Juan Muneton
Mar 12, 10:23 AM
Hi, yes. Sorry
Paris Zhang
Mar 12, 10:41 AM
Hi Saron, could you join my zoom?
Paris Zhang
Mar 12, 10:50 AM
Hi Gabrielle, could you join my zoom>
Paris Zhang
Mar 12, 11:26 AM
Hi Juan, could you join the zoom?
Xinyi Wang
Mar 14, 8:23 PM
Becca, plz join the zoom
Kayla Patterson
Mar 15, 12:39 PM
brandon you are up next