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Server: Harper Carroll
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Gao Xian Peh
Oct 16, 6:10 PM
hello Harper, I'm the first on the queu and am at the center of Huang Basement, in a grey shirt, asian guy with black rimmed glasses.
Nguyet Minh Phu
Oct 16, 6:32 PM
Hi Harper, I'm Minh and I sat at the same table with Gao
Ethan Brown
Oct 16, 6:45 PM
Hi Harper, I'm Ethan. I am by the HP garage in a black sweatshirt wahoo!
Kaushal Alate
Oct 18, 6:17 PM
Hi Harper, I'm near "HIVE", black t-shirt with UN symbol!
Sushil Upadhyayula
Oct 18, 6:21 PM
Hi Harper, I'm in the middle of the basement near the whiteboard that says "Stats for Social Good" wearing a red long sleeve shirt
Graham Shunk
Feb 6, 8:02 AM
Would you be able to meet over zoom?