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L'hussen Touré
6:43 PM
8:14 PM

Server: Nathan Bhak
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Wyatt Johnson
Jan 22, 4:53 PM
sorry, but what is the passcode for the zoom ?
Nathan Bhak
Jan 22, 5:57 PM
I'll stay a bit longer than 6
Gustavo A. Araújo R.
Jan 22, 6:49 PM
Hi, I am new to this system. Does "closed" mean that no more people will be seen?
Nathan Bhak
Jan 24, 7:08 PM
FYI the queue closing just means that no one else can join. I'll generally stay a bit longer than 6, however, and if I can't make it through everyone in the queue I'll send a message when OH are over.
Ihyun Nam
Jan 31, 4:13 PM
Hi! I'm waiting in zoom
Vladimir ivanov
Jan 31, 4:18 PM
I am also waiting on zoom to connect me to the room
Nathan Bhak
Jan 31, 4:30 PM
Just helping someone with a bug right now. I'll add you guys shortly!
Nathan Bhak
Jan 31, 4:33 PM
Does anyone have round-robin questions? If not I'll just go down the queue.
Nathan Bhak
Feb 5, 5:06 PM
Currently helping someone!
Nathan Bhak
Feb 7, 6:34 PM
I'll close the queue at 7 but I'll stay to help anyone who's already waiting.
Nathan Bhak
Feb 7, 6:56 PM
Hi Ligia, are you still there?
Sunsheng Gu
Feb 21, 5:44 PM
First time using this queue, how do I place myself on the queue?
Sunsheng Gu
Feb 21, 5:49 PM
ah, nvm, I see it now
Sunsheng Gu
Feb 26, 5:52 PM
Hi Nathan, you can get back to me in the queue if you have time. If not, I'm totally cool with it. I respect your time :)
Nathan Bhak
Feb 26, 6:08 PM
I'll get to everyone that's currently in the queue.
Sunsheng Gu
Feb 26, 6:38 PM
I managed to pass mmap-write now, by resetting file->pos in the read system call
Sunsheng Gu
Feb 26, 6:38 PM
kinda hacky, but it works, thanks for the help!
Nathan Bhak
Feb 28, 6:55 PM
I'll get to everyone currently in the queue
Nathan Bhak
Mar 11, 6:30 PM
Hey Marcus, are you still there?
Nathan Bhak
Mar 13, 7:05 PM
I'm closing the queue but I'll try to get to everyone currently on it
Nathan Bhak
Mar 13, 7:14 PM
Hey Maggie, are you on the Zoom?