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Maggie Wu
5:08 PM
6:46 PM

Server: Nirvik Baruah
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Nirvik Baruah
Jan 18, 5:09 PM
Hi Ananya! Are you an SCPD student? If not, could you come to my table in Huang Basement
Ananya Navale
Jan 18, 5:10 PM
Hi! I'm actually under the weather, would it be possible to Zoom?
Carolina Borbon Miranda
Jan 23, 5:01 PM
Hi Nirvik, where in Huang are you?
Wyatt Johnson
Jan 23, 5:08 PM
far right corner of basement by the stairwell
Carolina Borbon Miranda
Jan 23, 5:11 PM
Thanks Wyatt!
Nirvik Baruah
Jan 23, 5:16 PM
Hi Carolina! Can you come to the table?
Nirvik Baruah
Jan 23, 6:29 PM
Hi Maggie! Are you in huang?
Nirvik Baruah
Jan 23, 6:43 PM
Hi Varun! Can you join the zoom/come to the table in huang?
Nirvik Baruah
Jan 25, 4:43 PM
Hi Phuc! Can you come to the 112 table in Huang?
Phuc Tran
Jan 25, 4:44 PM
Can I join you on zoom?
Nirvik Baruah
Jan 30, 5:05 PM
Hi Gianna! WHere are you?
Simon Kim
Feb 1, 5:17 PM
Hi! I'm in the Zoom waiting room, not too sure how to be added to the queue,,,
Ananya Navale
Feb 8, 1:07 PM
Hi Nirvik, are you having OH rn in Huang?
Nirvik Baruah
Feb 8, 1:10 PM
No, I am virtual only today
Usman Tariq
Feb 8, 1:59 PM
Hi Nirvik, I just joined zoom. I thought it was in Huang
Nirvik Baruah
Feb 15, 5:01 PM
Hi June! Can you hop in the zoom please?
Usman Tariq
Feb 27, 5:05 PM
Hi Nirvik,
Usman Tariq
Feb 27, 5:05 PM
I am up next but can I go after Vladimir?
Nirvik Baruah
Feb 27, 5:16 PM
Nirvik Baruah
Feb 29, 5:20 PM
Hi June! Can you join the zoom link?
Sunsheng Gu
Mar 5, 5:41 PM
The zoom meeting says "meeting scheduled for Jan 04"
Nirvik Baruah
Mar 5, 5:50 PM
Can you join the meeting now?
Samuel Xing
Mar 12, 5:31 PM
Hey Nirvik, i'm seeing that the zoom meeting is scheduled for Jan 4?
Nirvik Baruah
Mar 12, 5:40 PM
Just a heads up that I will have to leave at 7pm today, so if you're later in the queue (probably past Ligia) it is unlikely that I will get to you