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Justin Hall
8:20 PM
8:56 PM

Server: Fahad Nabi
There are currently no announcements.
Jasper McAvity
Jan 16, 6:03 PM
If you're in the queue make sure to join the zoom here:
Fahad Nabi
Jan 23, 7:41 PM
Emnet - Ready when you are! Don't see you in the Zoom.
Francis Santiago
Jan 23, 7:44 PM
Fahad, Emnet is with Mo
Tolu Oyeniyi
Jan 27, 1:25 PM
Hi, feel free to join the waiting room
Steven Pu
Jan 27, 2:04 PM
hi fahad i'm in zoom!
Humishka Zope
Jan 27, 2:19 PM
Hi Jasper, could you remove me from the queue so I can sign up again? thanks
Humishka Zope
Jan 27, 2:49 PM
hi - I got my question answered on Ed, so you can skip me in the queue
Vikram Srinivasan
Jan 27, 3:10 PM
hi i stepped out to bathroom but back in 1 sec if its my turn. Thanks!!
Vikram Srinivasan
Jan 27, 3:13 PM
im back fyi
Tolu Oyeniyi
Jan 27, 3:13 PM
Amelia Leon
Feb 10, 1:38 PM
Tomas can you join the zoom please?
Arunima Srivastav
Feb 10, 2:06 PM
hello! i'm wondering how much time it will take for the queue to progress
Tolu Oyeniyi
Feb 10, 2:21 PM
Hi, the next person can join the queue
Tolu Oyeniyi
Feb 10, 2:22 PM
*waiting room
Arunima Srivastav
Feb 10, 2:27 PM
i'm just going to the bathrrom, will be back in 2
Amelia Leon
Feb 10, 2:53 PM
garbo could you join the zoom pleaseG
Alfred Yu
Feb 10, 3:04 PM
Hi - I'm in the Zoom
Tolu Oyeniyi
Feb 10, 3:58 PM
Hi, is anyone still waiting in the queue?
Tolu Oyeniyi
Feb 17, 1:06 PM
Hi, feel free to join the waiting room
Tolu Oyeniyi
Feb 17, 3:17 PM
Hey, feel free to join the zoom meeting
Anwesha Mukherjee
Feb 27, 6:18 PM
Michael, can you join on Zoom?
Amelia Leon
Mar 12, 8:43 PM
Ananya can you please join the zoom?