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Ahmed Sayed Attia Moussa
7:41 PM
9:15 PM

Server: Tom Shen
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Tom Shen
Oct 5, 8:03 PM
@Sidra are you here?
Zhihua Wang
Oct 5, 8:35 PM
Hi Tom, is it my turn now? I'm in the meeting room now
Simon Camacho
Oct 5, 8:36 PM
Hey Tom, I'm also in the meeting room
Tom Shen
Oct 5, 8:36 PM
still need to wait a bit
Tom Shen
Oct 5, 8:43 PM
Eric, are you here?
Tom Shen
Nov 1, 7:15 PM
Hi Alycia, can you join the zoom link:
Sidra Nadeem
Nov 9, 7:45 PM
is the queue moving?
Andreea Jitaru
Nov 9, 7:52 PM
I'm sorry there was a fire alarm in my building but I am back
Tom Shen
Nov 30, 7:55 PM
Joseph, can you join this zoom link:
Tom Shen
Dec 7, 8:39 PM
MacVincent, are you here?
MacVincent Agha-Oko
Dec 7, 8:44 PM
Yes, I am. Sorry I had this screen minimized. Will be joining now.
Tom Shen
Dec 7, 9:15 PM
Falicity, are you here?