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Dhafer Faishal
6:49 PM
1:13 AM

Server: Michael Ryan
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John Nolan
Sep 28, 1:07 PM
How can I sign up on this queue?
Zainab Ali Majid
Oct 5, 5:29 PM
Looking to join the queue, please!
Brian Kravitz
Oct 5, 5:33 PM
Am I in the queue just by being on this page or do I have to click something?
Anika Agarwal
Oct 12, 6:11 PM
Hi! I thought I needed to join the Zoom once it was my turn in the queue. In the waiting room now
Michael Ryan
Oct 12, 6:45 PM
Hi sorry Anika, will stay to help you
Anika Agarwal
Oct 12, 6:46 PM
Thank you! Are you in the zoom?
Michael Ryan
Oct 12, 7:26 PM
Hi Doyun, I couldn't reach you in the zoom. Unfortunately my office hours ended at 6:30 and I stayed to help some people later, but if you still need help George has online office hours right now!
Michael Ryan
Oct 12, 7:27 PM
You can join his office hours here:
Ngorli Paintsil
Oct 19, 5:58 PM
Hey, I no longer need help so you can skip me
Shawn Zhang
Oct 24, 5:19 PM
I see the queue is closed. How can I sign up for this session.
Alfred Yu
Oct 26, 6:48 PM
I'm at dinner right now - could you go to Julia first if you get to me please?
Matthew Ayoob
Oct 26, 8:28 PM
on zoom
Michael Ryan
Nov 16, 7:02 PM
@Aditri are you still looking for assistance?