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Gordon Martinez-Piedra
207 days, 12 hours, 22 mins ago

Hi All. This will be the queue for CS251 Office Hours for this quarter! Whether you are in person or virtual please sign up for the queue!
Kris Jeong
Oct 5, 4:33 PM
I'll be on your Zoom link when you're done Jaeyong!
Jaeyong Park
Oct 5, 4:58 PM
wilil be with you in a minute, wifi is really slow at huang
Kris Jeong
Oct 5, 4:59 PM
ok no worries!
Kris Jeong
Oct 5, 5:02 PM
If the wifi just isn't working I can also bike to huang if you give me 5m!
Jaeyong Park
Oct 10, 6:03 PM
is joshua here?
Jaeyong Park
Oct 10, 6:06 PM
looking for peter
Daniel Rebelsky
Oct 10, 6:35 PM
Are OH Over?
Anna Ascheman
Oct 17, 4:34 PM
Are you in Huang basement, Jaeyong?
Anna Ascheman
Oct 17, 4:35 PM
If so, where? :)
Jaeyong Park
Oct 17, 4:37 PM
i'm at the table next to the solar car
Peter De La Cruz
Oct 19, 5:27 PM
are we going by queue?
Jaeyong Park
Oct 19, 5:28 PM
Jaeyong Park
Oct 19, 5:28 PM
can you join zoom?
Peter De La Cruz
Oct 19, 5:30 PM
Jaeyong Park
Oct 24, 6:25 PM
carlos can you hop on zoom?
Kris Jeong
Nov 2, 4:59 PM
Hey Jaeyong, could you send me that function one more time please? it didn't copy over from Zoom :(
Griffin Miller
Nov 28, 4:35 PM
Has OH started yet?
Jaeyong Park
Nov 28, 4:37 PM
Mohammad Shams
Nov 28, 5:24 PM
is the queue being updated? Its showing that the same person is being helped for the last 40 minutes
Jaeyong Park
Nov 28, 5:49 PM
it's being updated!
Jaeyong Park
Nov 28, 6:32 PM
is brendan here?