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Server: Kristen Giovanniello
Rathish Jayabharathi
887 days, 14 hours, 1 min ago

Hello Students, I am Rathish and I represent Intel Validation Engineering - "We validate, debug and tune integrated products that delight our customers" - Validation is the critical link between Concept and Customers. Great to talk to you today
Kristen Giovanniello
887 days, 14 hours, 44 mins ago

Hi Students! Thank you so much for stopping by the Intel Booth! Let's get you started by having you join Intel's Talent Community using this link: Once you join Intel's Talent Community, you would then want to check out are over 700+ openings for college & interns using this link to our careers Page:
apoorva rudra
Nov 17, 11:56 AM
Hello Students, My name is Apoorva and i am part of the Dry Etch end of the Logic Technology Development (LTD) group at Intel. Really excited to talk to you all!!
Adi Krishnamoorthy
Nov 17, 12:38 PM
Hi, the QueueStatus is saying that my session is complete even though I didn't meet with a representative. Is this because of an error in the system? Thanks!
Thet Zaw
Nov 17, 1:05 PM
Hi, I kept getting kicked out of the queue for some reason as well. Is this because of an error in the system?
Zhanchong Deng
Nov 17, 1:18 PM
Same here. I am skipped without meeting any of the recruiters.
Samarth Arora
Nov 17, 1:20 PM
Thet you were initially getting kicked out because you had signed up for another queue as well.
Samarth Arora
Nov 17, 1:24 PM
As a reminder, please do not sign up in multiple queues as it is not fair to the other students and the recruiter. If we find any student signing up in multiple queues, we will remove you from all but your closest queue
Ishaan Kavoori
Nov 17, 1:29 PM
hi, I am in the queue but have had to change my Zoom link to disable authentication to join. My updated link is
Krishna Karthik
Nov 17, 1:42 PM
Hi, I just spoke to Apoorva and I had a few questions regarding Validation. I just created a new ticket. Thanks!
Ishaan Kavoori
Nov 17, 1:56 PM
I see that I am up next, just to reiterate, my updated zoom link is
Anvitaa Sekhsaria
Nov 17, 1:58 PM
My zoom meeting ended suddenly due to wifi connectivity issues. Here is the updated link:
Ishaan Kavoori
Nov 17, 2:03 PM
@Kristen, are you joining with this link?
Rathish Jayabharathi
Nov 17, 2:25 PM
@anvitaa, it says that your zoom link is invalid
David Min
Nov 17, 2:38 PM
Hello @Kristen, are you able to join my zoom link?
Kyra Hulse
Nov 17, 2:39 PM
@David it's asking for a password
Kyra Hulse
Nov 17, 2:39 PM
Do you know your password?
Rathish Jayabharathi
Nov 17, 2:40 PM
@Lance Zhu: your zoom link is invalid
Lance Zhu
Nov 17, 2:41 PM
Lance Zhu
Nov 17, 2:41 PM
Can you use this link?
Ian Tanuwidjaja
Nov 17, 2:56 PM
Hi, my zoom link will be invalid, would you mind using this link
Rathish Jayabharathi
Nov 17, 2:56 PM
will do
Rathish Jayabharathi
Nov 17, 3:09 PM
@kailey Wilkens It says that your zoom meeting has not started
Kailey Wilkens
Nov 17, 3:10 PM
Someone came in to check it and it worked fine
Kailey Wilkens
Nov 17, 3:10 PM
Kailey Wilkens
Nov 17, 3:12 PM
Do you want me to start a new one?
Rathish Jayabharathi
Nov 17, 3:36 PM
@Ruoyu Xu, I could not join your meeting cos it said that you were in another meeting