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Nick Machado
9:41 AM
9:53 AM

Server: Shiva Shivakumar
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Nick Machado
Dec 1, 1:54 PM
Hi I have to head out for 15 mins so please feel free to skip me!
Nick Machado
Dec 1, 2:16 PM
Vy Thai
Dec 1, 3:32 PM
Sharmila Reddy Nangi
Dec 1, 3:33 PM
Vy, can you wait a bit. Clearing Owen's doubts now.
Vy Thai
Dec 1, 3:35 PM
Ailyn Tong
Dec 1, 5:03 PM
hi vy i can help you, give me a sec
Ailyn Tong
Dec 1, 5:04 PM
Ailyn Tong
Dec 1, 5:08 PM
Vy please join!
Ada Zhou
Dec 2, 10:30 AM
hi chris - sorry missed you earlier -
Cara Van Uden
Dec 2, 6:11 PM
Hi Anastasia, please join my zoom when you can!
Cara Van Uden
Dec 2, 6:16 PM
Anastasia, I'll come back to you - just hop in the queue when you're ready!
Anastasia Radchenko
Dec 2, 6:24 PM
Oops didn't see that I was next - are there any notifications on queuestatus?
Cara Van Uden
Dec 2, 6:34 PM
I think it beeps when you're up, but I've missed notifications before too! No worries
Nick Machado
Dec 2, 6:34 PM
be back in 10 mins! feel free to skip if im not back
Nick Machado
Dec 2, 6:47 PM
Cara Van Uden
Dec 2, 6:56 PM
Nick, please join my zoom when you can!
Shiva Shivakumar
Dec 3, 9:42 AM
Nick: my zoom