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Vivian Wang
4:27 PM
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Server: Andrew Benson
Andrew Benson
1174 days, 5 hours, 13 mins ago

FAQ Q: I'm in the Zoom session but no one's there except a muted, video-off "Andrew B"? A: If the queue is quiet and empty, I mute myself and turn video off and do other stuff while I wait. Say something (like "hey Andrew are you there?") and I'll be there as soon as I can. Q: Do I need to sign up? A: If you're the only person, then nah. But if there's multiple people, we'll go by the queue, so maybe it's safer to sign up anyway. Q: Breakout rooms? A: We'll do it if there's multiple people and your question is private. Q: Why is this FAQ all on one line? A: QueueStatus sucks.
Andrew Benson
Jun 1, 4:58 PM
Hello! Unfortunately I have to leave right at 5pm, but I'll be back later tonight in Huang if you still have questions.