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Server: Luke Hsiao
Saachi Jain
8 days, 19 hours, 24 mins ago

If you are an SCPD student, when it is your turn please log onto the google hangout: Please only log onto the google hangout when it is your turn and if you are an SCPD student.
Luke Hsiao
Jan 15, 10:40 AM
Hi Chaitanya, please go to the hangouts link above
Luke Hsiao
Jan 15, 10:46 AM
Let me know if you're having issues getting on Hangouts. I'm waiting for you there.
Luke Hsiao
Jan 15, 10:56 AM
I've marked you as served since you didn't join the Hangout. Please rejoin the queue if you still need help :).
Saachi Jain
Jan 16, 12:01 PM
hi Chaitanya please go to the hangouts link
Saachi Jain
Jan 16, 12:07 PM
Chaitanya, I've marked you as served since I can't find you on hangouts (please rejoin if you still need help)
Luke Hsiao
Jan 17, 11:33 AM
Hi Neelima, please join the hangouts (link in the Accouncements)
Neelima Mukiri
Jan 17, 11:37 AM
I see a requesting to connect message in hangouts
Luke Hsiao
Jan 17, 11:38 AM
Hmm, I don't see the request. Let me invite you directly