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Angela Montemayor
9:33 PM
10:17 PM

Server: Ya Le
Ya Le
20 days, 16 hours, 53 mins ago

Please join the Google Hangout meeting when your name is called. Hangout link:
Ya Le
Jul 1, 10:35 AM
Hi McDavis, I have some problem joining the meeting
Ya Le
Jul 1, 10:36 AM
can you join this meeting?
Ya Le
Jul 1, 10:36 AM
Ya Le
Jul 12, 9:55 PM
@Angela: I'll be right with you. I am working with an on-campus student.
Ya Le
Jul 12, 9:59 PM
@Angela: please join the hangout link listed in the announcement
Ya Le
Jul 12, 10:17 PM
@Angela: sorry but I have to go. Feel free to post your questions on Piazza and we usually respond within a day.